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27 April 09:00-20:30Magello Consulting

We are delighted to invite you to the Cillers Hackathon at Magello Consulting, on April 27 from 09.00 - 20.30, at Klarabergsviadukten 90. 

The challenge: Build a super capable, scalable, reliable and secure software system in just one day! 

Free of charge! Breakfast, lunch, fika and dinner included.

A Cillers Hackathon is an amazing forum for developers to engage hands-on with game-changing software system technologies and collaborate with peers from Sweden's leading companies. Welcome to a full day of inspiration, good energy, and valuable learnings.

Feedback From Developers That Joined Our Hackathons:

Developer at Klarna: "Had an exhilarating experience at the hackathon - felt like stumbling into the Y Combinator of the Scandinavia! Collaborated with some truly amazing individuals, coding sessions were nothing short of inspiring."

Developer at H&M: "Thanks for spearheading such an exceptional event, and fostering an environment conducive to technical exploration and innovation."

Data Engineer at SEB: "The promise was fulfilled: to build a reliable & scalable full-stack system in one day! The Cillers hackathon is a great opportunity to try out the latest tech, alongside a community of talented and creative minds. Incredibly inspiring."

Developer at Scania: “A lot of fun joining this one! Met a bunch of nice people, and got to work with some cool new technology."

Frontend Developer at Treebula: "It was a fantastic journey blending innovation, teamwork, and cutting-edge technology!"

All are welcome to join, from beginner to expert, individuals or teams, anyone eager to learn. We'll have tech experts at the event for inspiration and support. This hackathon is about sharing knowledge, sparking inspiration and fostering a supportive environment for all.

Learning Labs With Our Tech Partners:

"API Security 101 - Best practices and OWASP Top 10" - Judith Kahrer Engineer at Curity

"Securing Single Page Applications" - Judith Kahrer, Engineer at Curity

"Using Polytope's AI Assistant to build better code, faster." - Andre Eriksson, Founder at Polytope

Thanks to our partners: Couchbase, Kong, Redpanda, Curity, Databricks and Polytope.

special thanks to our sponsor: Resolution Games for providing us with VR headsets packed with games for an extra dose of fun and movements in the breaks.


8:30 Breakfast

9:00 Welcome and Stack Set-Up

9:30 Hackathon: Build A Super Capable, Scalable, Reliable And Secure Software System In Just One Day!

12:00 Lunch

13:00 Hackathon with fika

17:00 Team presentations

18:30 Dinner and prize ceremony 

20.30 Door Closes

Magello Consulting

Enter the building at Klarabergsviadukten 90 where Cillers staff will meet you already out on the street. They will show you the way to the Hackathon venue.

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Organized by

Peder Linder

Founder, Cillers

Per Lange

Founder, Cillers